My Good Life in the Making

Make no mistake.

For decades I chased the "perfect" life.

Crafting my life goals around the images I saw in magazines

(hello, I’m a kid of the 80’s — no social media then!)

I thought a perfect life meant I was at the "perfect" weight, with the "perfect" partner, and in the "perfect" career.

Enter, reality. (And about 20 years of therapy later)

Here I am now focused on crafting a "Good Life" — one that is designed on my own terms. Anchored in the vision and values I hold most dear.

And even focusing on a GOOD (not perfect) life can challenge the people pleaser in me — who was raised to think that good would never be "good enough".

Oh but it is.

It’s so good.

In fact it’s great.

And great is often so much better than perfect.

Now I think often about that little girl who dreamed other people’s dreams and I can’t help but think how stoked she’d feel at seeing the Good Life I’ve made.

  • A body that is healthy, and moves with grace and power (and loves to kickbox!)

  • A husband who loves me to the ends of the earth (and is super cute!!)

  • And a career that is creative, and built on the things I love the most: helping people feel seen, heard, and understood.