As the Founder and CEO of Talk to Jess, I am a marketing + brand consultant for Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries from tech to retail, beauty to entertainment, and more. 


I advise businesses on how to better reflect people + their diverse experiences within their media, marketing, advertising, and workforce. 


Our team helps to contextualize and humanize cultural trends to help create campaigns, partnerships, and internal programming that’s reflective of the world around us. 


Not only does this approach create more loyalty and commitment from employees and consumers but this work helps to create tangible business success. 


I help major brands and companies connect to their communities and stay competitive in their industries. 


Today, better representation and inclusivity isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘need to have’ for all businesses.

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Pioneered launch of Dove's

Campaign for Real Beauty


Guided Disney with insights + strategy to bring their Princesses into a new era of empowerment


Worked with The White House Council for Women and Girls under the Obama administration


Partnered with Mattel to make Barbie's body more diverse


Became an advisor for the #AerieREAL Campaign, which made the commitment not to photoshop images


Helped launch Mattel’s first gender-inclusive doll line, which redefines dolls and who gets to play with them

 clients + partners

Jess Weiner Mattel
Jess Weiner Dove
Jess Weiner Google
United State of Women Jess Weiner
Jess Weiner Disney
Jess Weiner USC
Jess Weiner The White House Girls Council
Jess Weiner NBCUniversal
Jess Weiner Netflix
Jess Weiner Amgen

Can I help you with your company’s strategy and messaging, diversity + inclusion work, marketing campaign, or executive offsite?