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Through my consultancy, Talk to Jess, my team and I serve as strategic partners to Fortune 500 companies, helping them to become more inclusive and culturally fluent. 


I’m a trusted advisor to companies such as Unilever, Mattel, Warner Brothers and Nike and have played a key role in culture changing moments such as Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and the evolution of Barbie

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Recent Client Work: Barbie

Proud of the latest addition to Barbie's Inspiring Women series, trailblazing journalist + Civil Rights Activist Ida B. Wells! Our partners at Barbie are committed to spotlighting heroes + stories to pave the way for future generations to dream big + make a difference. 

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Culture-Changing Moments

Jess Weiner Dove Real Beauty

Pioneered launch of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty

Jess Weiner Disney Empowered Princesses

Guided Disney with insights + strategy to bring their Princesses into a new era of empowerment

Jess Weiner The White House Council for Women and Girls under the Obama administration

Worked with The White House Council for Women and Girls under the Obama administration

Jess Weiner Mattel Barbie Inclusive

Partnered with Mattel to make Barbie's body more diverse

Jess Weiner Aerie Real No Photoshopping Retouching

Became an advisor for the #AerieREAL Campaign, which made the commitment not to photoshop images

Jess Weiner Mattel Gender Inclusive Dolls

Helped launch Mattel’s first gender-inclusive doll line, which redefines dolls and who gets to play with them

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Corporate Keynote

You are a recipe for collaborative success! Insights and guidance you delivered during our recent DE&I event inspired.  Exactly what we asked for, needed, and more.


Organizational Consultant, 
Employee Experience at AT&T

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Clients & Partners

Jess Weiner Dove
Jess Weiner Google
Jess Weiner Mattel
Jess Weiner NBCUniversal
Jess Weiner USC
Jess Weiner Disney
Jess Weiner Aerie
Jess Weiner Nike
Jess Weiner The White House Girls Council
Jess Weiner Warner Brothers WarnerMedia
Jess Weiner Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Jess Weiner UN Women

Let's Work Together!

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