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For over 25 years, I’ve been a cultural expert, speaker, author, educator + brand consultant.


Whether I’m working with Fortune 500 companies to make change from the inside out or I’m working with individuals to help them better connect to their true voice + vision -- my passion is ultimately about helping people feel seen. 


Now I’m broadening my work to help others explore what it means to create a Good Life (designing a life you love on your own terms.)


Together, we’ll explore big topics like

self-love, career, family, relationships, mental wellness, + success + what they really mean to you!

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Welcome to The Good Life.

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Recent Client Work: Barbie

Proud of my partners at Barbie + Mattel for focusing on what really matters and exploring the link between empathy and doll play. "A doll that can help change the world," indeed.

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URW Employee

I think Jess does an AMAZING job and I'm so impressed by how she is able to facilitate such meaningful conversations.


I'm so happy that we're having these trainings as a company!

Abby C.

This workshop was everything I needed. It helped me rethink and get unstuck from my current negative mindset.


Afterwards, I felt inspired and hopeful, and had actionable (yet simple) next steps to work on.

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If I’ve learned anything at all while crafting my Good (NOT perfect!) Life, it’s this: there isn’t one clear path. It’s up to each of us to design our own. Luckily, we can do that together.

Creating. Social. Change.

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Clients & Partners

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Jess Weiner Disney
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This show is my love letter to living + to living urgently.


I don’t mean urgent like “stressed.” I mean urgent like joy, urgent like passion, urgent like power, urgent like being present, urgent like doing the things you said you’ve wanted to do but you’re not doing.

When I ask people what they want to urgently accomplish in their life, it really is less about the accomplishment + more about trying to unlock the answer to this question:


What is the life you’ve always wanted to create that you’ve avoided creating?