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The Smart Girl's Podcast!

Bringing to life "The Smart Girl's Guides" from American Girl, this podcast designed for tweens, teens and their families. 

Featuring today’s young changemakers, actors, and experts, we tackle topics ranging from body image, mental wellness, friendships, crushes and so much more

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Let's Change Beauty with Jess Weiner

Everywhere we look, society tells us what is beautiful. 

How to wear our hair, what size our bodies should be, and how our self-worth is based on what we look like!

This pod features intimate conversations with esteemed experts and celebrated guests from the worlds of beauty, gaming, sports, technology + entertainment.

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Dominant Stories with Jess Weiner

This podcast is a conversation series that will help you reclaim and rewrite the stories you’ve been told about your body, your beauty, your creativity, and your identity.

Through witty and curious conversations with celebrated guests, we’ll unpack, challenge, and change these Dominant Stories.

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We're All Going To Die, Anyway

In 2020, we started production on a podcast exploring life,
death, and everything in between.

And then the pandemic happened.

In every single conversation, one big question emerges...

What is the life you've always wanted to create that
you've avoided creating?

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