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I'm so glad you're here!

I’m Jess, a cultural expert, consultant, speaker, and creative (just to name a few)...  


To learn a bit more about the many things that make me, ME- read on!  


And to download my official bio and headshots, click the links below.

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I come from a long line of teachers in my family.

Whether I’m educating through my courses or in workshops with my corporate clients, I feel JOY when I teach! 


I was 21, when I founded my first business: a social issue theater company.

We traveled to schools across the US,  talking to students about mental health, sexual violence, eating disorders, and school violence. 

This sparked my lifelong love of combining storytelling with purpose.


I love making content that helps folks feel seen, heard, and understood, which is why I LOVE making podcasts. 

My latest creations are: American Girl Podcast Network, Dove’s Let’s Change Beauty podcast, and Dominant Stories podcast.

Politically Active

I proudly serve on the National Board of Directors for She Should Run, a non-partisan, non-profit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office.

Being active in politics has been
a life-long passion.

And we need to raise our voices
now more than ever!
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I became an Actionist® in college when I stood up against institutionalized sexual harassment on my campus and was featured on MTV for it!!


My husband Felipe and I love to support an extraordinary organization in Guatemala, The MAIA Impact School.

This school helps indigenous girls in rural communities receive the 21st-century education they need. We help raise funds and awareness for this incredible program - check them out!

Friend + Mentor

One of the leading values in my life is to be a good mentor and friend.

I find great joy in supporting my friendships + mentoring others in their pursuits.

Life Partner

I feel incredibly grateful to be in a loving, equitable, and exciting relationship with this stellar human being.

Fur Mom

I’m a parent to 5 amazing animals! Three black kitties:  Buzzy, Bootchie, and Luna.

And two pups: A one-eyed & deaf senior rescue dog named Una, and Sassy (pictured here)! 

Being their Mom brings me joy and takes up about 99% of my camera roll.

Watch: My appearance on Good Day LA


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