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We Launched the Official American Girl Podcast Network!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Did you hear?

On May 24th, we launched a podcast network for American Girl!

My team and I have helped our partners at Mattel and American Girl create their very own podcast network where we will bring to life all of the beloved stories, characters, and real-world advice that American Girl is known for.

They're launching with three new shows — 10 Minute Mysteries, American Girl Fan Club, and The Smart Girl's Podcast (co-hosted by yours truly)!

Now, let's dig into the three new shows...

10 Minute Mysteries

Out now: “10 Minute Mysteries” is narrated by the incredible actress Maggie Lawson. This bite-sized Molly McIntire mystery, adapted from "The Light in the Cellar" is perfect for your kids to listen to before bed, during drive times or quiet time!

American Girl Fan Club

Launching on July 13th: “American Girl Fan Club” is hosted by AG Superfans Kristen Washington and Sydney Rose Paulsen, giving you exclusive access to all the behind-the-scenes facts about the creation and evolution of American Girl.

Get the inside scoop on all of the iconic characters and stories you’ve loved throughout the years. Plus, you'll hear from special guests and AG insiders about the exciting things to come!

The Smart Girl’s Podcast

Launching on August 17th: I’ll be co-hosting “The Smart Girl’s Podcast” with my incredible 16-year-old co-host Shay Rudolph (from Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club).

Based on the best-selling series of books called The Smart Girl’s Guide, Shay and I are bringing modern advice to today’s American Girl on topics ranging from body image, mental well-being, friendships, confidence, and so much more!

This is the perfect show to listen (and watch - clips will be on Youtube) to explore the ups and downs of growing up and personal development for tweens, teens, and their parents. And don’t forget to leave a review wherever you listen - because that really helps us out.

To get my personal notes where I share the behind-the-scenes of my career and stories I’m not sharing on social media (or anywhere else!) sign up here!


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