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Change Starts with One Person – is that You?

3 ways to stop waiting and begin making the change you want in your life

I am a professional changemaker.

I didn’t set out with this vision in mind but it’s become my destiny nonetheless.

I have chosen a path, both personally and professionally in life, where I actively seek to know myself better, to understand others better, and to find ways to evolve or change the systems that hold us all back from feeling seen, heard, and understood.

I choose to work my changemaking magic in the field of marketing, branding, and advertising, and that’s because the images and stories we make in our entertainment content are exported around and ultimately impact the stories we tell about ourselves and others.

Personally, I have always been drawn to the evolution and revolution of what it takes to make change in our personal life. I choose to focus on the small steps of action I can take to create a lasting impact.

That said, I know this isn’t easy work to do. It’s certainly not for me and I’ve been practicing changemaking for over 30 years. So I wanted to break down the top 3 things you can do today - as an individual - to begin making change in your life.

That change can be about your career or education.

It could be about relationships – to yourself or others.

It could be about personal patterns of sabotage or self-doubt that you are ready to let go of.

No matter what you want to change — you don’t need to wait to do it perfectly.

Change is messy.

It’s eternal and ongoing.

And it’s something you begin making today!

1. Get Curious – and Stay Curious

In my experience, change is driven through curiosity.

When it comes to personal growth or overcoming obstacles, I’ll ask myself questions like:

“Why does this pattern (even though unhealthy or unhelpful to me) still draw me in?”

“Why does it feel familiar?”

“What would it feel like if I didn’t make this choice in the future?”

These questions are more like an inner scavenger hunt for answers.

They keep me in conversation with the process.

I may not know the answer right away (I often don’t) but asking the questions keeps me on the path for making change. And remember, when going on a curious journey like this, try to keep it gentle, too — no one does powerful inner-work feeling ashamed!

2. Stop Looking for Outside Validation

Even if the change you seek is about a system outside of yourself (your school, community or place of work) it’s very easy to think making the change is someone else’s job.

Or you may be inclined to wait for permission, thinking someone will come along with a game plan and road map for this changemaking adventure. Not so! If you spend too much time waiting for validation of making change, it won’t happen.

Change is hard. It’s messy. And most people avoid it.

So keeping your own counsel while you are making change is important.

Now, I do believe wholeheartedly in the power of community and force that happens when we join together. So, when working to change something, it is helpful to listen to and work with others but don’t let their north stars become yours. Stay focused on what you are learning from the process – because often, the journey is more important than the destination.

3. Count the Small Wins

Listen, it takes time to create meaningful and lasting change, so be patient when achieving your goals. Every small win deserves to be celebrated and counted.

In fact, I’d say it’s the short-term goals that have really driven me towards achieving the bigger things in my life. My focus on the present moment is also helpful in being more mindful about what is before me — looking too far in the future can actually stress me out (because we can’t control that!)

What we can control is how we choose to see this journey. And whether it’s a personal or professional change you are seeking — it’s just as important to acknowledge the small steps that get you there as much as the big outcome you may achieve.

And one last thing to consider…change is the constant in our lives…so the more we find a fun, compassionate way to engage with the art of making change…the more we can get on to learning and growing!


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