A Smart Girl's Guide to: Crushes! (podcast transcript + video)

In this episode, 16-year-old actress, producer, and my amazing Smart Girl’s Podcast co-host Shay Rudolph and I talk about ALL the big feelings associated with flirting and having a crush for the first time, and what crushes actually teach you about yourself!

We are joined by the incredible Chandler Kinney, the actress most recently starring in HBO Max’s Pretty Little Liars, Original Sin, who shares her perspective on all things crushes, flirting, and what to do when you have BIG feelings for someone… but don’t know what to do with them!

This episode is perfect for tweens, teens or adults who are raising them!

You can also watch full episodes of the show on The American Girl Podcast Network channel on YouTube and YouTube kids.

See the full transcript of the episode below video.

0:00:06.8 Jess Weiner: Welcome to the Smart Girl's Podcast everybody.

0:00:13.3 Shay Rudolph: I'm Shay.

0:00:13.9 JW: And I'm Jess and today we are talking about Crushes.

0:00:17.3 SR: Crushes.

0:00:18.2 JW: So Crushes is a super popular book, The Smart Girl's Guide Books. And I would say it's popular because it really does address a lot of things that we feel growing up, dating, rejection, and other stuff.

0:00:31.2 SR: And all the things we're really curious about.

0:00:33.3 JW: Yes. That we're curious about. And I think our hope in having this conversation is we get to define what crushes are and explore, how to handle them and make sure that people who are like navigating this moment are feeling supported.