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Free Tools!

In this free video, I’ll be debunking common misconceptions about confidence and sharing hard-learned and hard-earned wisdom.

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Welcome to The Good Life.

I’m Jess + I’m so glad you’re here!

A Good Life is a life you design on your own terms.

A life connected to what you truly value.

A commitment to a process (not perfection.)

A journey towards a deeper understanding + more authentic love for ourselves.

Through on-demand Courses + Live Workshops, we’re going to reject the bullshit holding us back, identify what we truly value, + do the important work of growth and self-love.

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Courses + Workshops


"WTF is Success?!?"

This course is designed to help you think about success + self-worth in a new way.


In order to do that we need to take a closer look at big topics like:
Money and Fear,
Failure and Identity,
Worthiness and Accomplishment.


Through videos, exercises, resources, and a supportive community, you'll get the tools you need to develop clarity, confidence, and courage to go after what you want.

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This course has been amazing.

I have never felt so loved, supported, connected and accepted. I am learning things about myself that I didn't think was possible! It has been life-changing.

I felt like Jess was in my home, being my teacher & my cheerleader.

I liked the length and how they were done in bite-sized pieces explaining the lesson/worksheet, and I loved that Jess shared her own personal examples within the lesson. This provided hope and humanity.

Love the format of Jess' videos, worksheets, Q&A.

The ability to review at any time is much appreciated. Guest speakers and suggested people to look into for further insights are wonderful.

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Free tools

 In this free video, I'm debunking common misconceptions about confidence + sharing hard-learned + hard-earned wisdom.

My 3 Favorite Tools for Building Self-Confidence! 

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