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We Are All Works in Progress

6 Lessons on Embracing Self-Improvement

There is no right way to learn and grow.

Forget the step-by-step guides or fancy before-and-after posts we all absorb on social media. Real inner growth and change often feel terribly slow (like seriously…is anything happening??) and also terribly exciting (like seriously…look at me learning about who I am!)

But one thing I know to be true — we are all works in progress.

And as we go through this life together right now, I wanted to share with you some of the key insights I’ve gleaned from failing a bunch, getting up a bunch, and learning to love myself through it all.

1. Understand the Power of Self-Reflection

Self-reflection — the simple (and yet sometimes profoundly hard) act of looking within, helps us to gain more insight and clarity into our own behavior. This reflection (if you can do it w/o judgment) allows us to then make the changes that can get us closer to where we want to be.

By taking the time to reflect on our experiences and learn from them, we can begin a journey of personal growth that can have far-reaching effects in all areas of life. Remember, self-reflection isn’t the time to make a list of all that went wrong - but rather- stay curious about how you felt, why you made certain choices, and give grace + space for the person you were during that time.

This act alone is one of the key principles I use on my journey to being more of who I am.

2. Recognize and Celebrate Small Victories

For every goal you set, every plan you make, ensure that you are celebrating the small victories.

Sometimes we think of our dreams as goalposts. I consider them guideposts. Whether I end up at the end I dreamed of, I want to make sure I enjoyed (and learned) along the way.

Celebrating small victories can be a powerful tool in your growth and development because it will build focus, help us stay motivated, and remind us of our progress.

Remember, I often share (loudly) about progress over perfection!

3. Find Balance Between the Past & the Future

It’s so easy to stay locked into moments that no longer exist.

And even easier to zoom into the future vision for yourself.

The balance of staying present - in the here and now - well, that’s been (and continues to be) my most difficult and rewarding lesson in life.

One thing that helps me balance self-reflection and future dreaming — is to make a daily list of things I’m grateful for today — try writing out 3-5 things in the moment that make you happy, bring you peace, inspire you, etc.

This helps you stay in the life you live now — while you heal from the past and create a new future.

4. Learn How to Adapt to Change

Ha! Easier said than done.

But the truth is - we are ALWAYS changing so it seems like getting comfortable with that fact can be pretty helpful!

I’ve worked intentionally on developing a love affair with flexibility — and trust me that hasn’t always been easy - but the freedom and ease that I feel now when I accept the change (and not fight against it) has brought me more inner peace than I’ve imagined.

Again, as a recovering perfectionist - to focus on all of the moments of change vs the outcome has been a challenge but one that has brought with it great rewards of developing patience, inner kindness and compassion!

5. Put Your Purpose Into Action

I don’t believe that every purpose or passion we feel needs to become a side hustle or even a career choice. Sometimes those moments of purpose just need an outlet or passionate release.

Volunteering does it for me. I know that connection and being of service is a non-negotiable in my life. I feel better when I am in action, helping others.

So I make sure that as much as I can, I put movement behind these words.

That can look like:

Whatever it is — I find the distance between thinking about helping and actually DOING something about it is an instant mood booster, reminds me why I’m here on earth, and overall just brings me joy.

Don’t you think we should do more things that bring us joy???

6. Keep Growing

Funny thing is, if you do any of the things I’ve outlined above, you are bound to keep growing in leaps and bounds. Honestly. It takes a lot of work NOT to grow in this life.

Maybe what I really want to say here is - enjoy the growth - as much as you can.

It’s an inevitable part of self-improvement. And you won’t ever get it “right”.

We are all gorgeous (and messy) works in progress.

And most times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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