Why a Good Life is Better Than a Perfect One

The greatest lie I ever told myself was that in order to be successful, my entire life had to be perfect.

I used to chase after this “perfect” life.

For me that meant:

  • I was constantly working my body (read: dieting)

  • Hustling for my worth with overworking

  • Never quite feeling good (even on the days I did feel good).

Because feeling GOOD was definitely not the same as being perfect.

And that dear reader is where my story takes off.

I began to really look at my relationship to the concept of Good vs Perfect.

For a variety of reasons (some cultural, some based on trauma) I thought that by creating a perfect life, I could fight off the tough feelings of loneliness, vulnerability, and sadness.

But by now we all know (and repeat after me) “there is no such thing as perfect” AND “we are meant to feel EVERYTHING.” There are no “good” and “bad” feelings. Our emotions are like guideposts for our souls, letting us know how we are impacted by the world around us and inside of us.

I know this now. But back then (and by back then I mean as recently as a few years ago…) my pursuit of a “perfect” life led me to a very public breakdown — which led me to a breakthrough.


I wanted to create my own Good Life.

A life I loved on my own terms. Not someone else’s version of my life. Not chasing after some ideal of perfection. But I wanted a good ol’ flawed, learning, growing, loved and well-worn life.