Mental Wellness + Choosing to Design Your Own Good Life

For Mental Health Awareness Month, I'm collaborating with The Outrage on a special Good Life collection of merch:

This limited-edition collection of products is designed to help our community of activists and changemakers choose self-care as we continue to fight for social change.

I’ve been a huge fan of The Outrage and their founder, Rebecca, is someone I truly admire for her passionate commitment to social change.

There's no one I’d rather work with on this important awareness campaign than The Outrage's incredible community of activists and changemakers.

Join us in celebrating the importance of taking care of ourselves as we fight for social change for the long haul. I know it can be exhausting right now and so many of you are doing such incredible work in your schools and communities.

We’re also featuring some incredible resources for you to tap into today — including books from my friends and fellow changemakers Karen Walrond and Jamie Varon.

Enjoy because this collection of Good Life merch is dedicated to YOU!

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