Dominant Stories Podcast is Having the Conversations You Need to Hear

Updated: Mar 7

[Nik Harter, Jess Weiner, Shannon Rider, Addison Rose Vincent + Hannah Demetor]

I know it feels like everyone has a podcast (and they kinda do!)

But I feel incredibly proud that we have created a show that features rich, nuanced conversations that need to be heard!

To talk about our Dominant Stories (the negative self-chatter in our heads) requires vulnerability and strength. My guests are all of that and MORE.

We’ve had some of the most hilarious and heartbreaking conversations.

And we are just getting started!

Listen to the latest episode now:

Here's what some listeners have to say.

Spoiler alert: They LOVE it.

Who are the guests?

Through witty, curious, and hopeful conversations with celebrated guests, we’re unpacking, challenging, and changing our Dominant Stories.

Here's who's been on the show so far, with some clips that tease their episodes.

Sara Bareilles on Creativity

Lori Gottlieb on How Changing Your Story Can Change Your Life

Zach Gottlieb on Teen Mental Health

Debby Ryan on Influence + Identity

Azure Antoinette on Chronic Illness + Self-Love

Ana Flores on Passing Down Beauty Rituals

Luvvie Ajayi Jones on The Power of Ritual

Addison Rose Vincent on Breaking the Binary in Beauty

Nicolette Mason on Breaking the Binary in Fashion

Shonda Rhimes on Rewriting Beauty On-Screen

Rachel Bloom on Can I Love My Body and Still Get Plastic Surgery?

Nadia Craddock on Can I Love My Body and Still Get Plastic Surgery?

Iskra Lawrence on Body Image + Family Dominant Stories

And there's more to come! Make sure you subscribe!

A Deeper Look Into Dominant Stories

As a reminder, I’ve been teaching and writing about self-esteem and confidence for over 20 years.

And when it comes to Dominan