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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

I’ve been teaching and writing about self-esteem and confidence for over 20 years.

And there’s not a person I’ve met, no matter age or stage in life, who doesn’t have a Dominant Story.

I call them Dominant Stories because they tend to be the dominant voices in our heads – speaking to us sometimes 24/7. Think of the negative self-chatter that runs through your mind constantly.

Dominant Stories can sound like:

  • “I’m not good enough”

  • “I’m not worthy”

  • “I should be further along in my life”

  • “I’m too old to start something new”

Left unexamined, these stories can end up shaping the trajectory of our lives.

They can keep us from taking risks and from committing to the things that matter to us.

They can stop us from feeling good and block us from living a life we deserve and desire.

We pick up these Dominant Stories from a number of sources in our life: media, religion, family, relationships, work, education systems. Sometimes our stories have been running for so long we think of them as truth. But they aren’t.

Dominant Stories and limiting beliefs thrive on secrecy and shame.