5 Life Lessons from My Convo w/ Debby Ryan and Iskra Lawrence

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Towards the end of the summer, I had the wonderful experience of chatting with both Debby Ryan and Iskra Lawrence at the SAME TIME! It was a powerful introspective into who we are, who we want to be, and who we are becoming.

Here are my favorite takeaways + reminders:

1. SO much knowledge comes up with silence.

Both Debby + Iskra talked about the power of checking in with yourself.

Take a few minutes and sit in silence?

What thoughts rise up?

Usually, for me, it’s a laundry list of things I haven’t done, wanted to do, or feel behind in. This is where most folks advise us to just gently label those thoughts and keep sitting in the silence. So I’ll say “worry” or I’ll think “stress” and then let the thoughts roll by like credits at the end of a film.

After a while, if I sit silent long enough, I get to the good stuff.


I put my intention on focusing on the things that truly bring me joy.

Listening to that quiet voice (aka the whispers) that breaks through the silence of sitting with ourselves, I find that my thoughts usually have a message for me that I need to hear. This is where I can feel my self-love swell.

2. You’re allowed to evolve.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the labels of our lives. “Student”, “Parent”, “Caregiver”, “Partner”, “Boss” — that we forget there is a fully evolving human being attached to those titles. It’s OK to evolve in the roles you play in life, in how you relate to your work path, in how you engage in relationships, and who you identify yourself to be in the world!

In my Good Life courses, we've been talking about our vision and values, and letting those hel