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3 Things I’m Loving Lately

Well, 2 things and 1 person...

This past summer has been a wild, non-stop marathon.

In my previous blog post, you heard about my trip to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity from my Director of Cultural Insights + Strategy, Shannon Rider. Since Cannes, I've done multiple speaking events, went on a retreat with members of my 'Talk To Jess' executive team, and the biggest life news of all: my husband and I decided to move part time to Mexico!

And no matter the busyness or stress, I’m working in finding the joy in the little things. That's why for this blog post I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to share 3 things I’m loving -- and that are bringing me joy!

1. Apple TV+'s 'Swagger'

If you haven't seen it (or seen me talk about it online,) 'Swagger' is a sharp, sweet, incredibly well-written series about a basketball team and their families in the DMV.

The plot lines are not predictable, and the storytelling surprised me at almost every turn.

The show is placed in present day politics and contains realistic social dynamics, so it draws you into the complexity of growing up as a young Black male in this country.

I binged all two seasons of 'Swagger' in a weekend -- and am desperately hoping for a season 3!

I want to give a special shout out to the creator and director Reggie Rock Bythewood and Gina Prince Bythewood for bringing this show to the world.

And, of course, a special shoutout to Sean Anthony Baker who plays the character Naim Rahaim in the series. On top of doing an incredible job acting, he also was kind enough to humor me online while I was binge-watching the series!

When you watch the show let me know how you feel and don’t forget to share your love on social in hopes of a season 3! #RenewSwagger

2. Chico's -- yeah, I said CHICOS!

Chico's is a brand I’ve seen around my local malls for years but never felt drawn to step inside (always thought I was NOT the demographic) until I saw a cute dress in the window and gave it a second look! And you know what? I'll never turn my back on them again.

I walked out that day with not one or two, but multiple colorful dresses that make getting ready easy. I pulled them out at so many of the events I did throughout the summer, and let me tell you -- I fit right in wearing these Chico's dresses on the fashionable French coast of Cannes.

So, Chico's, if you're reading this, I think I'd be the perfect brand ambassador - DM me!

3. The Brave & Beautiful Lauren Chan

I feel lucky to call Lauren a friend....and recently the whole world caught a glimpse of why she is so special.

She's not only was the first openly queer plus-size 'Sports Illustrated' Rookie Swimsuit Model -- but she also used her newfound platform to share her true identity with the world.

The surprise here isn't that Lauren came out, it's that she courageously used the first opportunity she was given to confront the "ideal image" of a 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Model.

There's a certain, old-school expectation that some people have when they hear the term "'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Model," and that's the exact notion that Lauren has been fighting her entire career.

Lauren is a model, a business owner, and the former editor of 'Glamour' Magazine, but she's been a progressive activist her whole life. She's fought to change beauty standards in an industry that seems like it's taking steps backwards, and now she's stepping up for her most important calling yet.

“I was internalizing this idea that I was not white, and I was not a sample size. And I therefore wasn’t what a 'woman' should be. Lauren Chan - Natural Habitat/Vitruvi

Lauren used the spotlight to shine a light on her own journey in the hopes of helping others feel more seen. To build a bridge for young women after her.

What are you loving right now?

  • Where are you finding joy these days?

  • What new show or new store did you discover this summer?

  • Who is inspiring you - tell the world - and ME about it on social -- tag me and let's use the hashtag #ThingsImLoving


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