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Hi, I'm Jess Weiner. I'm a cultural expert, an educator, a speaker, and the CEO of Talk to Jess. For the last 25 years, I have been working with Fortune 500 companies, helping them to better represent people in their media, marketing, advertising, and workforce.

I've worked with a variety of different brands across many different industries. In 2006, we launched the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and ignited a global conversation around unrealistic beauty standards. And in 2016, I partnered with Mattel and Barbie to reimagine and evolve Barbie's body so that the kids and families who play with her are better-reflected. And, I've worked with entertainment and tech brands, like AT&T and Warner Brothers, helping them to better understand their changing workforce, translating cultural trends, and turning them into dynamic learning and development programs.

I know how to help businesses and organizations change from the inside out, which is really the driving force behind why I'm launching Talk to Jess Masterclasses. Having better representation in your media and advertising, or having inclusivity in your workforce, those are no longer ‘nice to have’, they're ‘need to haves’ for every single business.

So, I'm launching these masterclasses to really help you do the real work that is required to make lasting change. I've designed very practical, very relatable trainings that will allow us to dig in to the nuanced and layered conversations that are required to change workforce. 

Talk to Jess Masterclasses will provide accessible, on-demand learning and development courses for organizations of any size. I've packed them full of videos and insights that I've drawn from research and media. Of course, there's opportunities for discussion prompts and resources for further education. 

We're gonna cover the topics that are most important for businesses today. I have designed a course called "Unexamined Bias". It's gonna pick up where unconscious bias leaves off. We're gonna help folks in your organization better understand and examine where their bias comes from and how it can impact the workforce. We're gonna talk about creating inclusive leadership across every level of business. We're gonna talk about how to help employees move from being allies to accomplices. And my favorite, we're gonna talk about S.F.S.N. That's shorthand for sounds fabulous, signifies nothing. This is all about how your company is gonna communicate these messages, especially when we're talking about diversity and inclusion.

If there's one thing that I have seen consistently from all of my clients for the past two decades, it's this. The work to make company change, cultural change, the work to make better media, marketing, and advertising, it all starts with the individual. We have to help our team members develop the skills and the confidence that they need to have courageous conversations and drive this change from within the business. 

I would love to help you. I would love to support your teams. Check out the courses we're offering and please reach out with any questions. I look forward to working with you. 

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