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Hi, I'm Jess Wiener. I'm a cultural expert, a speaker, an educator and the CEO of Talk to Jess. For the last 25 years, I have been consulting and advising big Fortune 500 companies around how to better represent people in their media, marketing, advertising, and workforce. You might've seen my work with Dove or Disney or Barbie or Aerie. 

At the end of the day, all of my work is about helping people to feel seen because outside all of those wildly impressive titles I just gave you, I am a human being and just like you and all human beings I too want to be seen. And this became more apparent to me a few years ago when I really hit bottom on my search for success and looking at my addiction to the hustle culture and my attachment to achievement. I was struggling with anxiety and depression and panic attacks, and it was really clear to me that I needed a new set of tools, to help me get back to myself, to help me look at myself differently, to look at myself for who I am and not what I do. 

I am on this journey too, God am I on this journey to learn how to learn myself and love myself and I'm unpacking all this bullshit that I thought would make me happy and I'm rejecting all the things that society told me I needed to be in order to really ask myself what is it that I truly want? That is the inspiration behind creating the Good Life.  


And I think there is a difference between a good life and a perfect life. A good life is handmade, you got to get in there. We have to rustle and think about what do we really value? We have to develop skills, personal and professional skills that will help us show up to our life. Really be present in our life through the Good Life.

I'm gonna offer you on demand courses and live workshops. All of them packed with videos and exercises and prompts and opportunities for discussion. All of this is designed to help you create a life that you love on your own terms. And this is really important. These courses are going to be time conscious and budget friendly because I know we're busy and I know that nobody wants to go broke figuring out how to live a good life.

So we're gonna dive in together to things personal and professional. We are going to rewrite for ourselves, the definitions of success and self-love and leadership and happiness. We are going to have simple, actionable tools to create a genuinely unique life, a good life not a perfect life, a life you love on your own terms. So I would love for you to join our community. You can do that here on the website. You can do that on Facebook. I hope to see you soon. I love you and take good care. 

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