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As the Founder + CEO of Talk to Jess, I am a

Cultural Expert + Brand Consultant for Fortune 500

companies across a variety of industries from tech to

retail, beauty to entertainment + more. 


Now, I am taking over 25 years of brand + business expertise + offering accessible, self-paced

and on-demand Masterclasses for Organizational Learning + Development.

Each Masterclass is packed with videos, insights pulled from research + media, prompts for discussion, + resources for further education.

We’ll be launching our first Masterclass Spring of 2021.

I also offer LIVE customized training for teams who have

purchased + completed a Talk to Jess Masterclass.

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EVP, Human Resources

Traditional “off the shelf” DEI content or solutions simply wasn’t going to inspire our employees, nor was it going to be a catalyst for meaningful and sustainable growth.


Jess's program promoted reflection and is sparking continued action and engagement across our leadership and employee base. She has been referred to as a “National Treasure” by our people.

URW Employee

“She handles it so well and it makes it feel genuine.  These are creating conversations with teams. 


This training actually spurred a very vigorous debate in our team meeting today. We even delayed other meetings to continue the convo.”

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Coming soon 


Unexamined Bias

Inclusive Leadership


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I advise businesses on how to better reflect people within their media, marketing, advertising, + workforce, translating cultural insights into dynamic campaigns, partnerships + internal employee programs that better reflect the world around us. 


I know how to help businesses and organizations make real change from the inside out.


Not only does this approach create more loyalty + commitment from employees + consumers but this work creates tangible business success. 


I help major brands and companies connect to their communities + stay competitive in their industries.

Because better representation and inclusivity isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘need to have’ for all businesses.

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Client work

Proud of my partners at Barbie + Mattel for embracing the challenges of the pandemic and focusing on what really matters.

If you’ve been following this incredible brand transformation, Barbie continues to focus on inclusivity and gender equality and they utilize the power of a platform like theirs to change the way kids see themselves and the world around them.⁠

As we see a renewed focus on developing more
social empathy, we are also seeing first hand how doll play can help to teach that empathy.


"A doll that can help change the world," indeed.


Pioneered launch of Dove's

Campaign for Real Beauty


Guided Disney with insights + strategy to bring their Princesses into a new era of empowerment


Worked with The White House Council for Women and Girls under the Obama administration


Partnered with Mattel to make Barbie's body more diverse


Became an advisor for the #AerieREAL Campaign, which made the commitment not to photoshop images


Helped launch Mattel’s first gender-inclusive doll line, which redefines dolls and who gets to play with them

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Clients & Partners

Jess Weiner Mattel
Jess Weiner Dove
Jess Weiner Google
United State of Women Jess Weiner
Jess Weiner Disney
Jess Weiner USC
Jess Weiner The White House Girls Council
Jess Weiner Netflix
Jess Weiner NBCUniversal