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Jeannette Kaplun



Meet Jeannette Kaplun

I’m a work in progress, trying to be the best version of myself while using my voice to inspire and help others. As a bicultural Latina, my brain works in English and Spanish. I’m finally okay with never fitting into conventional molds; it’s allowed me to carve out my own path.


Her Passion:

Hispana Global is a bilingual platform for modern women, with tips and information about beauty, fashion, travel, parenting, tech, social good, and health. My motto is love, live, inspire, and that’s what I hope to achieve with every single post and video I publish.  I update my blog at least twice a week in both English and Spanish, plus do weekly videos and Facebook lives, so it can be quite challenging. However, so many women have told me that they feel they can come to Hispana Global and not feel judged, while also relating to my own struggles, so that keeps me motivated. 


Why is it needed in our world?

It’s hard to say “my voice matters,” but the reality is that we all have a unique perspective that might help others understand how diversity enriches us. Finding a way to make that voice heard is the biggest challenge. That’s why I focus on building bridges, and finding what brings us together, while refusing to stay silent when there is wrongdoing. I know it’s difficult and scary to stand up for what you believe it. Yet I refuse to live in fear and be a silent accomplice when I see injustice, intolerance or violence.


Her forecast for upcoming trends between moms, brand marketers, and the media:

Relationships evolve constantly, and the most important thing you can master is the ability to adapt. I think we will see a growing collaboration between content creators, brand marketers and the media, but it will create a big challenge while trying to differentiate each channel. On the other hand, it is a crowded space, so there will be more competition and scrutiny as well.


What won't change is the importance of strong storytelling. Increased competition will make it imperative to become the best storyteller you can be, whether you're sharing a photo of your child, selling a product or reporting the news.


I think we will continue to battle shorter and shorter attention spans, so "snackable content" will continue to grow. Mobile and video will be crucial, especially on mobile.

I would like to see increased diversity. We have come a long way, but there is still so much to be done. My fear is that people will refrain from sharing painful, personal stories that leave them too vulnerable when they are scared about the repercussions.


Her greatest achievement:

My greatest achievement until now has been being able to create my dream job. Even better: through it, I have even created jobs for others. Never in a million years could I have envisioned as a journalism school student that I could create a platform to share my voice in so many ways, while also allowing for new voices to be heard.


On a personal level, it's a cliché but my greatest achievement is being a mom.  At the end of the day, the world could be falling apart but if my kids are okay, I know I can handle the rest.

Being a parent teaches me something new every single day. It humbles me. It challenges me. It motivates me. I don't ever take it for granted. Not only because it was a challenge to even become a mother, but also due to the fact that not everybody wants to or can be a parent. It's the biggest responsibility because you are shaping a child's life and the adult that they will become, which in turn will affect tomorrow's world.


What she hopes to accomplish: 

My goal is to inspire and help others to overcome obstacles. I want them to be the best version of themselves and to realize it’s okay to be different from the majority. That we can embrace our differences, our challenges, our triumphs. Also, I want to break down stereotypes of who modern Latinas are. We are such a diverse group!


Follow Her!

Https://hispanaglobal.com Spanish

Http://hispanaglobal.net English

Across all social media: @jeannettekaplun @hispanaglobal



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