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Constance Hart

Meet Constance Hart

I’m Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart, Founder/Developer of Conscious Colors. My mission is to bring Color Therapy to the mainstream one illuminating color at a time. 
I’m also the Pioneer Visionary of Color Aroma. Yep! The scent of color…..I invented it and I don’t mind saying, it’s pretty amazing!


Her Passion:

My passion project is to expand the use of Color Therapy, a more eastern-based wellness modality, into the western medical model. 
I’m passionate about introducing the Conscious Colors modality and Color Aroma products to psychologists, counselors, family therapists, holistic nurses, and integrative medical doctors. Inspiring more healthcare professionals to take a leap by supporting their patients’ emotional well-being, in addition to physical symptoms is exciting to me.
I’d also like to see more neuroscientists and PhDs researching the effects that color, light, and aromas have on memory, the mind, and the nervous system, thus exploring the positive contributions Color Aroma can make in cures for ADHD, Alzheimers, and mental disorders. 


Why is it needed in our world?: 

Too many young people are experiencing emotional imbalances, psychological struggles, and even brain disorders, perhaps unnecessarily. In fact, people of all ages are experiencing a high level of stress and overwhelm these days. Much of this is coming from attention to negative thoughts, words, and experiences that sometimes feels uncontrollable. Negativity has a strong power that can overshadow each person’s inherent capability of living a life infused with a positive outlook and sense of self. Living in a media-saturated world, it is becoming more challenging, for young people especially, to harness their emotions for feedback and wisdom.


What do you hope to accomplish?: 

Through education and experiential practice, practitioners who tap into Color Therapy will be able to help young people take their emotional wellness into their own hands. My vision is to see Color Therapy more widely known, valued, and utilized.
Since every hue-man being engages with color in some way, Color Therapy is a relatable modality that offers a viable doorway into emotional well-being. Helping others experience holistic wellness is my greatest joy.


How can we help support your passion project?

Help me find new connections and attract funding support in these areas:
1) Aligning with integrative medical professionals, neuroscientists, college professors, forward thinkers, hospitals, and colleges that are interested in initiating research and conducting case studies on the efficacy of Color Therapy and Color Aroma.
2) Assistance in creating a valuable Ted Talk, and pitching it to Ted Talks.
3) Expanding Color Aroma sales.
Thank you in advance and enjoy your colors!

How can we follow you?

Facebook: Conscious Colors 
Facebook: Constance Hart
Instagram: @coloraromas
Conscious Colors accepts donations through PayPal: orders@consciouscolors.com

Watch the Conscious Colors video story:



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