As a cultural expert, I’m often asked to speak on a variety of topics ranging from diversity and inclusion in media and advertising to self-esteem and societal trends.


I approach my partnership with the press in the same way I approach my work, as a way to actively challenge and change the way people are seen in order to create a world where everyone feels they belong.


I love being able to share my knowledge across many different platforms - here are a couple of places my work has been featured.

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true story...As a little girl, I loved to make up stories and shows and perform them for anyone who would listen (sorry, family!) My grandpa Michael was my biggest fan and after every elaborate story I’d tell him, he’d listen intently and then remind me that I had to “write it down.” 


At first, writing down these stories just felt like homework. But over the years, I found that cultivating the discipline and process of writing things down has helped me to develop my voice, helped me to express my deepest sentiments and brought me into deep connection with an audience.


I ended up publishing my first book

in 2002 (a lifetime ago and in the early days of the internet) but the sentiment and stories I told around body image and self-confidence still ring true today. The greatest privilege I have these days is evolving my voice and creating time to write these stories down.


I’m so excited to be getting ready to work on my third book. Unfortunately, my grandpa didn’t live to see my first book come out but I dedicated it to him!


I know he’d be so proud!

A Very Hungry Girl Jess Weiner Book

I was 28 years old when this came out and it chronicled my own

self-discovery and ultimate recovery from a teenage eating disorder.

This led to my appearance on Oprah and becoming the self-esteem expert for the Tyra Banks show.

Spending over 15 years on the road listening to the real life issues of women and the language they use to describe their body image helped to fuel my second book.


Each chapter ends with practical action steps you can take to continue working on your confidence.

Life Doesn't Begin 5 pounds from now Jess Weiner book
Jess Weiner Book Coming Soon



This next book will take all of my collective wisdom and experience creating cultural change around the world and apply it to some more personal lessons of creating a good life , a life you love on your own terms.

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coming soon!

by Jess Weiner